Man, life really does suck ass when your lonely, have no social skills of any kind and don't understand women at all!!!
I used to read magazines just for the 'dating tips' advice skipping the rest just to find some kind of insight into why everyone around me could get girlfriends with what seemed to me like no effort while I tried to be the nicest and most descent guy I could be yet got nowhere.
I made all the classic AFC mistakes, you name it I did it.

Walking into my local bookstore one day I see on the new books display table a cool looking hardback called 'the game' and after picking it up and reading what its about I brought it, one of the best things I ever brought as not only was it a good read but above all it was an eye opener for me that guys CAN get better with women so the day I finished the book I searched for the MM site and forum (which is now this forum) signed up and started learning what I could.

I've had ups and downs, but since then but I've picked up my social skills, met and dated some gorgeous girls I would never have been able to before and worked hard on my own inner game to build my confidence which was at rock bottom at one dark area of my life.
I've been on an awesome Bootcamp in London with Mr.M which was great fun and I learned a lot from that and it was great to see the students progress as well.

The biggest aspect of all this I've had the most interest in is the inner game side of things with things like mindset and confidence as before I ever started I had a lot of very negative thoughts and ideas about women and life in general.

I live in the UK in Milton Keynes, I still go out when I can and have a lot of fun with my friends, I enjoy the gym, climbing, ski snowboarding, martial arts and all kinds of other things.