Granola - Brazilian PUA living in Birmingham UK

Hi you all can call me Granola,

I'm 24 yo, studying economics in Brazil and doing an exchange program in UK until February/2013. I'm living in Birmingham very near to the Bullring and frequently going out in Broadstreet and Uni parties. I already know the clubs Gatecrashers, HMV institute and Mechu. Also some other smaller clubs and pubs. I have been in contact with the game since I was 19 yo and read The Game by Neil Strauss. Now I can say I'm kind of rusty with my game and suffering to adapt to cold weather and European night game.

I have already read almost a dozen of books on pick-up and usually go out clubbing in Brazil almost every Friday and Saturday since I'm 18 yo, on vacations I can go out up to 4 or 5 times a week. Some of the material that I'm familiar with are Mystery Method, Mehow (Get the Girl), Gambler (Natural), Tyler (Blue Print), Bang (Roosh V) among others. I'm very used to all the acronyms of the game and can easily deal with AA and approach up to 10 or 20 good sets per night. I'm very determined and consider myself a great wingman.

Right now I'm very restricted by my social circle in Uni and when I go out cannot approach more than 2-3 sets per night because everyone is in their comfort zone and don't want to be rejected. Also most of the guys appear to have more interest in getting wasted than in getting laid. I'm looking for someone familiar with the game, from the UK and willing to go out every weekend and eventually on week days.

If you have interest in my story and in sarging together please send me a private message.