I have never really had trouble with girls, or so I thought, since I have always been in long term relationships since I was 14. On average I would say I was staying in my comfort zone of 7's and I would say one lucky time of an 8. Then a friend of mine (Millo) made me aware of Love Systems and The Attraction Forums. After me and my girlfriend at the time split I started reading up on this stuff and going out and trying it. I learnt that being in long term relationships from so young actually meant that I had a lack of experience talking to random women which made approaching 9s and 10s one of the funniest sights you will ever see.

Since becoming part of the TAF team and being able to attend boot camps and this years (2012) Super Conference I am slowly getting to where I want to be. Its a long journey ahead and takes practice but I am getting there.

So outside of TAF... Well I cant mention where I work for legal implications, however on the side I hack consoles and offer the service through my website. In the future I want to progress the website in to an online store for console modding needs. I go out drinking with friends, enjoy sky diving (eventually want to start a free fall course), like to travel, studying Japanese and practice Wing Chun Kung Fu.

So thats me in a nut shell, the worlds yet to be famous Japanese speaking, kung fu computer hacker currently learning to penetrate the security of the female psyche.