An introduction

An introduction

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    An introduction

    Long time reader, first time poster... With that said - hello to everyone here. I look forward to sharing my inevitable stories of crashing and burning and hopefully, with practice, possibly sharing some stories of success and being able to one day help people like myself.

    With that said, here's the info -
    I'm a twenty year old from Alberta, Canada currently attending school to become a form of an Agent. I am a definite above average looking man, average height, phenomenal shape with my biggest knock currently being my lack of experience resulting in sub par confidence.
    Part of my reasoning for aspiring to be an excellent PUA is due to all of those skills being transferable to my new career. Another part being, this entire community/world absolutely facinating me. The last, being tired of settling for average and not having the know how / balls to approach that 10.
    Most notable hobbies being: Karate, rock climbing, golf, gaming etc

    One main question I have,
    Could anyone point out any materials, books, local seminars / bootcamps / mentorships that could help me with my game?
    Note* I have already read the following:
    Magic Bullets - Savoy
    Double your dating - David DeAngelo
    (in the middle of reading) The Game - Neil Strauss
    I plan on reading more of David DeAngelo's works as well as plan on reading a few books such as "Comedy Writing Secrets - Melvin Helitzer".

    Any advice, comments and or critism is GREATLY appreciated.

    With a little more experience/knowledge etc, I plan to attempt to find other like minded individuals who wish to go sarging.

    Can't wait to start posting.

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    Welcome to the second best game there is.

    What kind of an agent? OO7?

    You're 20 - good. I'm thirty-f***ing-three and I'm really just getting started, (at least I'm not 93!).

    Go to the library and get THE SECRET - that opened up a huge range of possibilities for me - I was using the techniques before the movie was over!

    There's other stuff I'm using, but it's more of a general self-improvement kind of thing.

    Good luck - but with determination and practice, you won't need it.

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