Dan Nova, a thread of its own

Hey Guys,

My name is Dan Nova. I´m a pua from Miami Fl, living in Chile taking a sabbatical year before I resume my life in NYC. Everything I know about women and pickup I learned in Miami and let me tell you. Miami is one of the hardest placest to be successful due to the superficial nature of the beautiful women there... OR SO everyone seems to think so.

Being from there I never really had much trouble sarging in south beach. Just have to have good energy and be able to neg bombs the highest value women (who when in groups will generally present some cute resistance)

Now im in Chile, concertizing and getting a feel of a totally different social atmosphere and let me tell you IT IS sooo different. I will begin to write more on my experiances here... basically, being a high value, over confident male is actually a bad thing....

peace n love