Kent / London Newby

First of all let's get the formalities out of the way:

Name: Mark
Age: 27
Location: Kent (Near Maidstone) / London (However, I do travel extensively across the entire UK with work)
Occupation: Engineer
PUA Experience: Pretty new to the actual PUA scene - I'll tell you more in a moment

Let's start by telling you a bit about myself:

When I first discovered the attraction of 'chasing women' around the age of 15 - 16 I was pretty crap at it! However, over the next few years I managed to get rather good at it without even knowing that a PUA scene existed. I suppose as you get more and more confident you just get better - well I did anyway! I was regularly going out each weekend and 90% of the time taking girls home!

Then, I met my now ex-girlfriend! Anyway, skipping a lot of crap, almost seven years on we broke up in March of this year! As you would imagine I was a bit of a mess for a while... luckily I had some great friends to help get me through it! One of these friends recommended I read a book call 'The Game' - it was at this point I had first heard about the PUA scene!

The word 'fascinated' would be an understatement to what I was uncovering! People who know me will tell you that when I do something, I do it properly and to the best of my ability! I have spent the last 2 - 3 month reading around the entire subject, expanding my knowledge in many different avenues. However, I've not only read, I've practiced! I believe I must have a slight natural ability with women as in the last few months I've had many dates, many number closes, many kiss closes and many fuck closes!

So you're maybe thinking all is well... It's not! I have some major weaknesses I want to overcome. Here's the part I bear my soul:

  • 95% of the women I meet are done so under the influence of copious quantities of alcohol - although I am lucky in that I'm not a bad drunk and I can certainly handle my drink very well. I want to change this and have the courage to game in a total sober state so that I can do it more frequently! You can't always drink on a school night! ha
  • One word... 'Quality'! Maybe the alcohol has an effect on this! This does not mean I've done bad so far, just that if I'm being 100% honest then most of the girls have been in the 7 - 9 banding. Maybe my standards are high, I don't know, as even the FHM high street honey I closed only got an 8 - great looking but not a great deal between her ears!
  • I work away from home a lot of the time so am often alone - I find this always puts a downer on my confidence levels, especially in bars and clubs. Maybe I need to start with day game or maybe I need wingmen!

So now I've bored you all to death with my life story I look forward to speaking with you all about more interesting stuff in the near future!