3 Times the charm, 3rd "Dutchguy" in 24hrs!

Hey Guys!,

My name is Daze Perdurabo. Born Dutch, being half Hungarian, I speak English, German, Dutch and Hungarian quite fluently. I'm 18 years young, I'll be 19 on the 16th. And I almost entirely skipped this section of the forum, seen as I wasn't part of any "Forum Community" activly for the last 8 months, but I thought it would be as courteous of me to introduce myself fully.

I came into contact with the idea of PU when I was 14/15y/o, having somehow acquired MM Videoseries. I watched it, had ABSOLUTELY no CLUE what the hell this funny looking man was talking about - I later learned that's whats called peacocking - and completely dropped and forgot about the whole subject. Last September '09 some guy recommended "The Game" as an essential read, saying "this was one of the books I'd wish I had my hands on in Highschool/College... I would have gotten laid alot more, but I'm married now". Bought it. Read it 93% in 4 days, put it in my bookcase and focused on more important matters. So then I picked it up again half a year later after I passed my final exames, and read it again fully.

In the meantime I'd done the Stylelife Challenge (partly) and had an ocasional pickup, got lucky style... The as a Pre-graduation Trip I went to Kreta - Chersonissos, saw the most mindblowingly beautyful girls... And made out with a dozen of em all without any real game, and fuck I'm tall, got some class, and love to and can dance... but I sure as shit ain't no Natural.

I decided to go full throttle, for being and becomming a mPUA, tripple blackbelt Venutian Artist, and after some Anihalation and C&F I exidentally stumbled across The Attraction Forums, while googeling Steve P & Hypnotica.

And here I am, ready to dive in head first, give it my all (well 99% then mans gotta rest aswell). Participate & Give Anything I have to offer to this community of aPUA's, PUA's and mPUA's, and taking out & on all I physically and mentally can.

P.S. (no need to read the following)

I love: music, Going out (if possible 24/7), sports, the beach, friends, beer, vodka, girls, snow, girls, self-improvement, girls and psychology & business.

Bio: Hazzardous, be aware of intoxication upon first contact.

Style: jeans/white jeans, blue leather biker-/basball-jacket, clever bright colored t-shirts, tanktops, shirts.

Peacocking/colors: White, pink, turqouis, black, red, blue, Black shiny watch, braided leather armband, shoelace neckless (variational), neckty + aviator sunglasses.

Inspired style by: Scarface, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Tyler Durden, St. Slimjim, Ray Liotta's Henry Hill, CS. Hyatt, Patrick Bateman and James Dean.

Hometown: Scheveningen

going out: The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam.