I am Bongio and you're my jojo...or something

Hello people,

ImBongio(and Im glad to be here.

Maybe I should tell you a little bit about me and how I came to this site. Actually Im also on a few other sites now but I found this one too, and since knowledge can be found everywhere…well I’m here .

I’m 21 (and still studying) and got into the game thanks to a friend of mine after he convinced me that like everything, women are a science and that I could learn how to become good with women. He showed me the lay-guide and I was sold. That was not so long ago actually so I guess I’m still an afc or rafc or whatever the terms are. I hope to learn some things here and share the things I learn with you people. And over the years, I would like to have sex with quiet a few women and maybe even find one for keeps. I guess it’s the least a man can hope.

so hi there people!