New to Chicago Area, New Job, New Apartment, New Life << thefabricator33 Story >>

Hey all,

Fabricator here. Just graduated school with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and have moved to Northwest Indiana near Chicago to begin my professional career. Things have been super exciting lately as I have begun to decorate my new apartment and purchase various things to own for myself. I love to play competitive paintball (Race-to / xball) and have a ton of interest in Custom Car Audio. I have owned my own company at one point but now work professionally and travel around the states. Now I just gotta get a hottie to watch my place while I am gone.

My background in the game is somewhat limited. I spent 2 years of college dating a girl that constantly messed around on me. I originally began research on these topics as I wanted to win her back. I had a major case of one-itis, but eventually I discovered I didn't need her and her trash. I am a better person now.

Senior year of college was amazing for me. My "party game" is second to none thanks to what I have learned here. I have had no problem having a new "experience" every weekend One of these included a porno-esque dual bj. But that story is for another time.

My main sticking point is that I am shy and have a hard time opening women that are not within my social circle. But it is time for that to change. I am resubmitting myself to the studies of this mysterious topic and going to change so I can be just as good with women I don't know.

I encourage you to follow me in this adventure. I will likely post links to my topics here on this post and you can all look forward to lots of pictures .

So I leave you with a greeting, hello there!