New and Confused.

Hello guys, Im an 18 year old guy and I dont have any experience at all. I'm not ugly or hot, and im not fat or thin. Im just a regular anybody.

I come from a very small town in Sweden with about 6,000 people living here, we got 1 real bar that used to be filled at weekends, So it feels like im VERY limited!

I am also very shy when im sober, I am easily getting drunk so if i drink 5 beers I am waay too drunk, so 1 beer is enough for me to make myself feel comfortable enough to take the first step talking. I got both male and female friends. Most of my female friends are very attractive. But ye, they are my friends..

I have skimmed through 'Magic Bullets', 'The Game' and Mysterys Venusian handbook. Nothing really sticks.

Okey Im just confused and don't know what to write, You've learned some things about me atleast.

Ye seeya,