nice to find a kind of home


A time ago there was that click in my mind. It was the day my glasses fell on the groud. A smooth salesman adviced me to try out contacts while my glasses were repaired. Since that day I realise how restricting my glasses have been on my personallity. Since that day my self-esteem got a real boost, thanks to female collegues and females in my direct neighbourhood who gave a lot of compliments (and keep doing by the way).

I don't consider myself as being social disturbed and in my personal life and professional life a meet a lot of women.
Though, the friends zone.......

These last few weeks I feel something wanting to come out of me...a dark side of me wich I have enprissonned for too long time. Only the idea gives me a wave of energy. I don't want to know yet how big the energy will be when I play the game right.
Because that's what I want. I want to play the game

But i realise that i'm not that good player and that's why i'm going to come here from time to time.
Thx by the way to the organisers of this forum