Hello everyone, new here... kinda

Hello all.

I'm back in the forums after a very long (year and a half) of not doing ANYTHING--- literally... no game, not even trying or reading.

I've always been one of those people that just read things and handle AA quite badly... but since college is almost done, I figured that the second most important part of my life (women) have been put on the backburner for far too long.

So I've made the decision to make a change...

I've always wondered before how people were able to put their entire life stories onto a forum for strangers to read from all over the place, but I think I finally get it now.

Before, when I first found out about the game, I was 19 years old and still pretty confident about my abilities and my looks.

Now, 3 years later... all that seems gone for some reason. I find myself completely unmotivated to approach, and just overall unproductive (though all my productivity was focused on graduating college).

I've managed to attract girls when I see them looking at me, and I've managed to make out with a few girls at bars... but overall, nothing really.

I'm making the decision to struggle out of a year and a half slump... and now I finally realize that you need to look at yourself as you are instead of what you think you are in order for you to really commit to the game.

I'm not as young as I used to be, nor am I as skinny... but I think it's time I changed that and really got myself together. I'm saying this because at this point, I'm absolutely sure that this is the lowest (women-wise) I've gone in life...

I'm not saying this because of a terrible break-up, or a hit of one-itis for a year and a half... I've just did not have the drive to do anything else...

The reason why I finally decided to do this for real this time, is because I've noticed that I was in the mindset that "no... she probably doesn't like you at all... don't try" when I used to think "go get em'"... this bad attitude has to go.

So... I'm coming back to the forums, and I hope that you guys will help me get myself back together.

Afterall, game isn't just about learning magical lines and quick physical behaviors to "trick" girls... it's about genuinely changing the person you are for the better.

I have a feeling this is going to be great... well atleast my optimism is back


As I'm writing this, there is an hb8 in the library booth in front of me (she has her back to me)... I wonder....