Need to find some PUA's in London?

Hello to all in London

Just come out of a 4 year relationship and my game is rusty to say the least. In the past i have been out with some pretty good looking women but 4 years of being in a relationship drains you of that power. So my brother in the states put me onto the game by Neil Strauss.

I havent been able to put it down since i got it, it was great to read that some of the techniques listed i already used. Also many old pre conceptions about women that i had were simply wrong. I Unknowingly did some background reading on NLP to improve my business skills. As many of my friends have now got married or have kids the boys are getting little scarce. I would like to meet some experienced sargers from London.

You may be asking what i can offer, well on top of a loyal wingman who's willing to put himself out there. I'm a writer like style, im also an entrepeneur that has his own Website development team and a can do anything attitude when it comes to business. I would like to develop a communtiy in London, for us by us, one day maybe even a project London. I like to go out in fairly mixed groups as in the past i have found this gives you access to many more types of women.