Hello from Miami!

Hey whats up guys. I've just recently started getting into all this PUA stuff and I'm so caught up in it. I'm familiar with some of the material. I read The Art of Attraction, The Game, Double Your Dating, and a few of the post on here. This forum is great! Unfortunately for me, like many, my main problem is approaching. After that I got every thing down packed. Hopefully I can get a few tips, advice, and help from all of you.
I'm 19 and have had about 4 or 5 girlfriends. I'm a very confident person when it comes to everything EXCEPT approaching women. What frustrates me the most is how many beautiful women live in my city but yet, it is so difficult for me to go over and say a simple Hi.
I've been told that I look like Mos Def, so I know I look somewhat attractive. Hopefully with the support on here and nonstop sarging I can finally start meeting more women and start having a lot more fun.