Game on in Vegas: Greetings from Sin City

Hi there gents,

For years I had been unintentionally tapping into my natural game and have always had good rapport with women; my biggest issue was (and still is, as I only started "playing" last night) closing of all sorts. Phone-closing as a PUA sees it never occurred - kiss-closing was tied more to emotional/psychological pathology that phase-shifted me. I could be effective at times, but it was miraculous in a way, something that happened in spite of me, not because of me.

I just ended a two-year relationship, which was an engagement, and moved back in with my dad, staying in my younger brother's room. His bookshelf was a mess, and I have an anal-retentive thing when it comes to books. I organized the bookshelves by categories: my brother's a business major and enjoys history books about the stock market and Presidents - he has many titles that deal with business/social development. One that I found and struck my fancy was Neil Strauss's The Game - I picked it up and began plowing through it. That was on Saturday, and as I write this on Wednesday, I have a little less than a hundred pages to go through.

Style opened my eyes. I had thought that PUA were inherently scumbags, preying on women through devious methods that would make me feel dirty if I ever tried it, so I never did. Through the book I found that the opposite was true - the way in with women was to be the best possible you, and the rest would fall into place. It has started me on a path of self-improvement that has put a genuine smile on my face, given me a sense of self-depth, which in turn is turning me more confidence. I went out last night, by myself, and managed to number-close, through being aware of myself, my surroundings, the reactions of the girls I was with, and pushing myself...being afraid but working through it.

I will post my first field report in the proper section. I'm aware of some flaws in my approach, which includes the close. I will certainly appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Glad to be in the fraternity (in the dictionary sense, not the dickhead sense),