I'm Here 'Cause It WORKS!

I had to try it to believe it.

At 47-years-old, I have had a few successes with women and have always been naturally good with people. However, reading "The Game" and posts here in the forum, I realized that I had to try some of the techniques and see if I could take basic, raw "outgoingness" and transform it into sure-fire skill.

Reading here this morning made me want to try out techniques as soon as possible...my first outing of the day was to pick up a prescription for my mother at a local drug store.

There she was, waiting for me...but unaware that she would be my baptism...a pretty young counter staff. She was blonde, cute, perky, a bit bitchy and 24 years younger than me. I am chubby, with salt and pepper (more salt than pepper actually) hair. The match-up to anyone watching was not only improbable, it was impossible. And had I not read the forum, I would have said it was impossible too. But I KNEW better...and I got a phone number.

My name is Solution and I'm a believer.