The New Guy ...Ryanpax

Well, I guess I’m one of those guys who come here after experiencing failure in life and love. My name is Ryanpax. I’m 24 years old from Flushing, NY. A little basics about myself I’m Haitian-American. I come here to learn from the masters. I am a classic case of an AFC with an extra helping of “Nice-Guy” mixed into it. I got friend-zoned then used by my ex-best friend (Female) and My GF left me for a rich guy ten years older than her because as she put it I was “ Too nice and didn’t excite her”.

In the aspect of women I’ve always been seen as “Nice “or the Non-sexually threatening guy or someone dependable and just there. Females would always over-look me and move on to the other guy.
I realized I need to get out of this Nice guy slump and AFC cycle before I end up one of those “ Nice-guys” that end up with a used up girl after she has had her fill of the “Bad boy” I want to be that “ Bad-boy” and not wonder years down the road what could have been. I want to build that confidence and attraction that makes a girl take a serious look at me as a man. I’ve been played, Used, and hurt enough. I want in; I want to become a pick up artist.

I would love to hear suggestions on where to start and if there is any one in the NYC area I could work with sometimes that would be great. I’ve set a bit of a challenge for myself. I’m 24 years old by the time of my 26th birthday. I want to say that I would like to be at the level of confidence and character of famous pick up artists like Neil “Style” Strauss and “Mystery” and others. I don’t want to sit on the sidelines wondering what could happen I want to be involved in what is happening. I want to learn how to be that man who walks into a room and captures everyone’s attention. I want to be that guy with the nice Lexus and apartment. I grew up as a sheltered child, raised only by my mother. So I never really had much of a male role model. So I am taking this path to self improvement on my own and hopefully with some help from the PUA community.

So here is my plan as of 4/30/2010.

1) I’m back in college going to finish that degree and work on upgrading my social status.
2) I’m taking Mandarin Chinese Lessons
3) I’ve decided to get up every morning at six am and run and hit the gym before work
4) I’ve started to buy books and plan to study them over the next year such as “ NLP for Dummies “ “ The Mystery Method” and “ The Art of Conversation” and a few more books on body language and a few subscriptions to G.Q and A few mens style mags.

My goal is to basically rewire myself and push the limits of my baseline personality to see if I can make something of myself as a man and get out of this AFC slump. So with that being said… any suggestions where I should start?