I'd say "nice to meet you" or "Hi I'm Lukin, great to find this community" but under the circumstances, I won't, yet

Dont get me wrong, Ive learned ALOT and feel overwhelmed that Im not the only "AFC" out there, and knowing that there is help for my lack of confidence...or whatever else exists is awe inspiring and somewhat humbling. Its just that I never thought I'd have to have these skills...

I'm 29, recently divorced after finding out she had been cheating while I was at home with our son. Her boss is an ugly SOB to, so now I'm just sitting back laughing asking her if it was worth it to screw an overweight, ugly office jockey. 10 years of marriage, good guy devout faithfulness etc etc etc out the window. She was the only woman I'd ever slept yeh had a little fear about that. Got laid rather quickly, probably too quickly afterward, wasnt to difficult to however Ive discovered I have zero game. Zero.

Now I guess Im just another AFC. We shall see. Reading, learning, discovering, self improvement...all of that. Rediscovery. What a journey.

Luckily Im a good looking guy, in great shape, have a great job, run a consulting business on the side, am a martial artist, guitarist etc etc etc...have alot going for me in those regards. Its just...I have NO IDEA how to talk to women. I blow it every time hahaha, I never knew any of this stuff, body language, IOI's, small talk...completely clueless. I guess missing out on being single in your twenties will do that to you. There is hope on the horizon...Despite the circumstances, glad to be here and glad this community exists. Hoping to make some friends here along the way and really hoping to have some field reports soon. Wish me luck.