BennyB Toronto. I'm Eager to learn from the best


I am a 31 y.o. british guy who moved out to Toronto 5 years ago. Before I go on I want to say that I am married. That being said "The Game" has alway been my favorite pastime. My current score is 10 but i know this is down to the age old AFC page 1 error, "Never freak out and take one as you're own. You've done it once it will be easy to replicate." and hence become a serial monogomist. The time have been single between girlfriends since my first has always been very short.
I can talk to women often easier than men and enjoy everything about them, the way they talk, the way they smell and their beauty. I understand the concepts of the game and with some coaching think that I have what it takes to become great.
But, I am married.
I have had a desire to be in threesomes with my wife. I have already begun the groundwork and she is up for it and so now all that is left is for me to real in the "trois" to our "menage". She is game but she doesnt want to do the legwork.
I have an open relationship to the point where I can play but up to the point of closure. I want to build upon this and learn the techniques of others that will make this dream a reality. I am looking for other more experienced people to hang out with and learn from. All my efforts up until this point have been from the hip and with no pre prepared material or spiel. I am a good listener, women like to open up to me. I am not unattractive, many women complement me on my looks quite regularily. And I am fun and people always want to come over and hang out with me. This being said it has all happened naturally. I dont know why the girls like talking to me, I dont know why they find me attractive (I am overweight with thinning hair.) and when i am alone i generally spend my time watching porn and hitting up AFF to see if i can strike up a conversation with a girl just so that i can feel the pleasure of her company even if it is in the form of a few list of text over the internet, so I dont think I am that interesting either.
If you want to help someone help me. I am dry sponge eager to soak up the information that will make my wettest dream come to life.