Hi from Harrisburg

Hi fellas. As far as a PUA name I'll go by Schuyler. Not something I put a lot of thought into before I signed up here in the Attraction Forums, so my username doesn't match up. Oh well! Anyway, here's the rundown.

I'm 25, turning 26 in two weeks. I'm 5'10" with a light athletic build. For the most part I was raised by my mother and didn't lack for loving attention and material support. But probably any reflective person in this particular subculture could understand how being raised by a single mother could lead to gaps in education and example that a little explicit attention to "dating science" might help correct.

There's no extraordinary detail that needs to be brought out regarding my sex and dating life. I've enjoyed average success, nothing super traumatizing on the one hand or super thrilling on the other.

My first brush with the idea of dating science came when I stumbled across one of Roissy's blog posts (http://roissy.wordpress.com). He had posted a YouTube video of a PUA cold approaching a Russian HB9 on the street in London. I was struck by two things. First, yes, she was hot, but she did not come across as slutty or shallow. In a prior life I immediately would have been romantically and emotionally wounded and paralyzed by her beauty and overall sweet personality--she seemed like the "nice girl." If by some cosmic mistake I would have found myself in any way involved with her, my best roadmap to romantic success and giving her what she wanted would have been something like, "be nice."

Second, in his commentary Roissy deconstructed the purpose underlying each one of the PUA's subtle gestures and remarks. The muscles of my untrained social dynamic sense started to twitch in new ways. The video was ten minutes long. By the fourth or fifth minute the PUA had the girl's number. By the tenth they were sharing a long, slow, kiss right there on the street.

Did I want to be a guy making out with girls on the street? Maybe, occasionally, in some situations. But the deeper takeaway point was that Roissy and this PUA clearly knew something I did not, and it was a knowledge I wanted to get closer to. The idea that one might tap into a certain habit and training, and develop a Jedi-like social, romantic, and sexual command, pretty quickly became a big part of my basic goal and pursuit.

That was about nine months ago. I've started to build changes into my lifestyle and personality since then. I grew a goatee (which I've recently shaped into a Johnny Depp/Cajun style--don't mean to be a copycat, it's just what I think works for me). I've always had a sporty side, but I made the gym a regular habit and also started tanning. I've reshaped my fashion and style as much as my budget will allow--a likely casual outfit for me these days is a black t-shirt from Banana Republic, dark blue jeans, black belt, black Timberland Chelsea boots, and a couple silver bracelets I picked up in a vintage store that do the peacock function for me. A few weeks ago I started dancing lessons with an Arthur Murray outfit nearby. And of course I've been reading everything time and resources will allow, and then heading into the field to build routines, congruence, and basic social IQ.

It has definitely made a difference, and Game is a fixed part of my path for the forseeable future. Current reality imposes a few limits on me (I live at home to save money for law school in '11 and I don't make nearly enough money at my job to make all the changes I'd like to or, for example, attend a bootcamp), but I work around, through, and in spite of those to the fullest extent possible. Outside of that it's just an issue of building bigger changes into a long-term plan.

As with anything that allows a person more leverage and power, studying dating science sometimes give the feeling of raising more questions than it answers. You really have to know yourself and what you're about, and you constantly need to be tending that knowledge. Also, the PUA subculture, like any subculture, has shabbier edges to it. I find I have to remain reflective and thoughtful. I always need to consider where the information I'm getting comes from, the forces that shaped it, and the context and purpose that it's rooted to, before I immediately attempt to make it part of my repertoire.

But that's a disclaimer that pretty much would fit with any pursuit. I'm pretty thrilled with everything that Game has added to my life and understanding.

That's all for now! A longish introduction, I'm sure, but I'm an analytical guy and I'm always trying to give things meaning. Looking forward to being more involved here and in the Game thing in general.