English dude of 4 years

Bounced round a few forums, had this place recommended by a wing. Been in this 4 years, actively sarged for 3.

Do alright for myself, but my game is a mixed-bag. I'm equally a retard and awesome. I have nights where I'll struggle to approach, can't think of shit to say, forget basic stuff like kino, have 20 girls in a row blow me off and act like a guy who's gone out for the first time ever. But I've also had nights of 30-second makeouts, persisted to a point that would put most pickup guys to shame, laid girls that seemed to be going nowhere and even a half-hour lay.

I don't really follow a particular method, Jeet Kune do and all that. I prefer a more natural style of game anyway (which can work against me as I lack a crystal A-B plan). Cocky-funny is a big strength, but my dominance needs a lot of work.

I am out a ton, 4-5 nights a week.

Anyway it's always good to have a new place to play. Good to be here and I look forward to subjecting everyone to my Field Reports