Hi everybody, Italian friend in Toronto!

Hi, I'm Italian and I came to Toronto 6 months ago. I'm a normal guy who like to talk, I'm 24 and I had sex with only 12 in my life. I'm in Toronto and I want to improme my method and my ability to pick up girls.
Yes,I belive in falling in love, but every time that I see an HB I want that one! You know the women are the beautiful "thing" in the world, I wouldn't live without them...

I read the Mistery Method,The Game,I also bought other books like:
How to get the women you desire into bed-Ross jefferis
Roules of the game-Neil strauss
Player's handbook 1-2-3-Tommy orlando
Body language-Allan and Barbara Please
Sperm Wars
Cold reading
something about NLP.
F..k I have a lot of book to read and I want to improve my skills very fast!!!

I also saw the Pick up artist in televiosion, serie 1.2
I got some video of David X about seduction and relationship,
Annihilation Method by Neil Strauss, Mystery Method by video, and sexual communication by Daviv the Angelo.

I'm interested in everything about seduction, sexual comunication, picking up.
I'm an active,competitive,open-minded,talkative and out-going person.I usually go to party 3-4 times a week.
And I prefert to be around the city all afternon rather than be at home.

So I have no idea when I'm going to read my book

I would like to know some people with my same intrest So I can improve myself, change opinion and go sarging together!

I expect to have fun with a lot of women because It's my life man! IT'S NOW! LET'S GO SARGING!

Ps: I'm sorry for some grammar mistakes... I get better with the time!