Hi there!

Hey everyone, glad to be here. Looking forward to connecting with others who share an interest in game, self-improvement, and all things Alpha.

I'm 24; a book editor and student with a military background. I'm also a recovering nice guy and (almost) terminal AFC. I've had some success with women and several great relationships, but only when I make a concerted effort to act like a selfish, inconsiderate prick! I've begun to ask some serious questions about my belief system...Qualities like generosity, courtesy, and attentiveness make me less, not more successful with women. What if "who I am" just isn't worth being?

Anyhow, I hope to learn more and offer the occasional insight here. There seems to be a lot of quality thinking and writing on these forums, and I'm excited to be in the company of such interesting, actualized people.

All best--Ray