Hey there, i'm LatexX and i'm back to 'the community' because i never finished handling 'this aspect of my life' called women and dating.

Long story short: always been a big time AFC. Discovered community and started having success. Landed my first girlfriend. She dumped me 9 months later. Went back to being hungry for ever.

For me success with women is a random thing but i mostly end up having sex with women whose steem is lower than mine (and mine is low!).
I'm back because i can't keep on jerking off to net porn. Having women in one's life can't be THAT difficult!

I always disregarded all the community material. Routines, studying stories by heart, stacking material, it all seemed too much to do to get laid. I always thought 'there must be a simpler way'.

Now i'm sticking to magic bullets. I'm reading and practicing.

Will keep you posted