Where I am at: need to improve conversation skills, approach more often


I have been somewhat around the community for some time now, I have read the book and some other material. I am tall, in good shape, and I dress well. I used to read all that stuff of 'looks almost don't matter' but kind of didn't fully believe it until I met guys that didn't have the looks and were fairly successful with girls. So it finally went into my head, that's good.

I have been successful approaching and getting girls attracted to me (and dated them) a few times. I can tease them and make them laugh and be interesting sometimes.

But other times I just can't approach, the AA is too high. Usually my inner game and my attitude are good but a little way to go in these moments.

I believe the problem is that I need to improve my conversation skills. I am an overly logical guy and I don't talk a whole lot. I am also not used to approaching people I don't know, and that shows. But I am not socially awkward or anything like that, I just need to talk more, and not run out of things to say.

I am trying to approach people I don't know more often, just asking for directions and stuff like that, so that I become used to it. I am also trying to notice details in everything I see so that I can talk about it, and remember funny stories to tell later and stuff like that.

Thanks for reading, I'll let you know if there's progress.
Your suggestions are also very welcome!!