AFC Here Can't Take it Anymore

I guess one has to admit being an AFC before becoming something better. I've been reading these forums for a while but have never conjured up the balls to participate. My attitude with this forum has been the same with girls - always watching and never making the move. Well I'm pretty fed up now so it's time to change it.

I've always been pretty chubby all my life but these past 6 months I've made huge strides in trying to fix that problem (5'9 240 lbs to 210lbs and still going) but at the same time I feel like I'm losing the girl I've liked to someone else. I've never had the courage to ask her out. Her sister knows how I feel and has always told me to tell her. But no. Massive AFC? Yes.

What's changed? Why am I now suddenly posting? Do I want to win this girl back? Maybe, BUT the main reason for me being here is to control this feeling I get every time I see this girl interact with this other guy. Jealousy perhaps? That feeling in your gut like you have something there - like you are gagging and want to regurgitate it out.

I've read enough of these forums to know the importance of controlling my emotions in front of the girl. Comedy, challenge, charm, control, are all there. My confidence has now been shot. I'm a wreck and this is my last resort.