Hey dudes,

I'm ultimate freedom. I live abroad. I love game. Time to take it to the next level.

I used to live in New York where as a sophomore junior (can't quite tell; transferred in) I had my very, very first lay thanks to the game. So cute!

But if you're fucked up like a crooked paper clip and then you suddenly catapult to a certain kind of success, you still have to go back and fix the paper clip. Straighten out all the f'd up shit you have underlying the previous lack of sexual success. And that I tried to do, but it's a long process. I got a little more than 15 lays into my sexual career and then had to take a break because it was just too much mental stress for me.

I quit drinking, I skydived, I did this that and the other and even had a long term relationship or two with a nice girl.

Then I came into the military. Good stuff. Didn't get laid for a year. Looked at myself in the mirror, said this is bullshit, and finally, after nearly two years out of the official "game," decided to restart my engines. Now, getting laid maybe a little like a rock star, but far from my goals. I have broken into the 8-10 bracket, but it has yet to become consistent. Like the former "sixmagnet," I hope to become a "tenmagnet."

Bottom line, I'm very committed this time. Game can be a lot of stress, especially mentally. Sometimes success is just too good to be true and your mindframe is just not able to handle the new reality. I've seen many many many "bad" things about women in the past years. But the thing is, they're not really bad, and I'm not going to hate on women. The game is the game. It's tough, it's unrelenting, its the laws of physics. I accept that. If it were any other way, the rewards wouldn't be half what they are. And as shitty as women can act sometimes, they can also do the most amazing things. So there it is.

So here I am, gents, already half a year into the second go-around. And may it go well. I have some pretty lofty goals, but I'm going to be a little modest and just show you a little nip here, and save that for another time.