Just another one starting his journey

Hi everyone,

Just a little introduction: I just got out of a 2+ year long term relationship and have realized I have never had ANY practice with picking up and talking to women. I am now 21 and feel as though my one-itis with my ex has screwed me up... I have very little experience and am new to this.

I have known about the game for at least a year, and it intrigued me after my coworker introduced me to the game by neil. I enjoy the sociology and psychology of it all, but I never really field tested any of the material due to being in LTR. Now the time has come where I want to re-invest myself into something that may be life changing. I believe PU is a necessary set of skills to have to get what you want in today's world.

I have always been shy and the 'quiet one'. I started working out when I was 16 in an attempt to counter-act my shyness but even with a decent athletic build I find that it is all whats in my head that is holding me back. I have since made alot of progress by forcing myself to work with people via retail, while still attending college. Even at university (which I just started at a new school as a junior), I find it hard and uncomfortable to talk to peers that are strangers. For some reason I have a deep rooted fear that they are judging me and I KNOW I have to let this go.

I have a long journey ahead of me, but I know, that this needs to be done. Being a decent looking youthful man who is awkward in social situations is really discouraging. I think what I need help with most, is being able to think quickly enough to keep a conversation going with a hb. I always blank out, and its only with strangers. So if someone could get me started with some help or opinions there that would be great, otherwise I have a bunch of reading I'm about to dive into.

I am dedicated to improving myself and my confidence.

Please leave your opinions or helpful hints for this afc, every little bit helps.