It's a very long time since' I've been here. And I thought it's appropriate to just give you all a new introduction of myslef (it's about 4 years since I last logged inn)

My life has been all but exciting and fun. I did start here to get a reference to get women. I really sucked at it, and I'm not super-good even now.

I've not had much success I must admit, I read the books, VAH and David De Angelo's Dubble your dating, and I did get it, however, much of my time went to personal reasons, and I used very much of my time to get a band working.
My band was great, we had so much fun together, I just lived the life I didn't really care about women and I got women when I wanted to because of this attitude. Then the guitarist in my band started with drugs... and he got me with on it(I really feel ashamed of it) however, I stopped not long after as I told my mother of the situation and she managed to make me stop with it and get me going again.

I started again as a student, currently I educating myself to become a carpenter, 2 years left and I'm done

Anyway I still use music as my main drive in life, Because I really really love music. I am in a new band (3 bands actually) where I play bass-guitar. Even tho I really aint that great with women, I've made many women friends the past years, also got almost laid a coupple of times, but mostly I've been way to drunk getting the game going....

Now I've figgured I wish to switch my life. Start live the life, play music AND have great women.

my main problem is basically just to confront women. If I see a beutiful women, I'm just scared to talk to her basically, if I manage to actually talk to her I can pull off all the rest easy.

My mindsett is maybe bit different than all of yours, because I'm used to learn things and then "forget it" and use what I've learned subconsious.

that's how I learn how to play the guitar, or drums bass whatever.

I was in army for 2 years, got in good shape, and I have all teh fudanemtals basically, I'm still vaguely bothered with acne but nothing I can't cover up.

Now lately I just feel that I'm meant for something more, and I believe that it's women.

I really need to get out there and just get laid basically. Get some relationship with someone and just have fun.

I read all my old post, and I must admit, when I read it I feels like I was a totally different person back then, I think it's about 4 years ago now hhe , now I've picked up the books, magic bullets, and I'm reading "The Game" I also read David De Angelo's book "Double Your Dating".

Anyway I hope to be accepted as a member again, My intention is not to be a PUA really, but to be good with women in any situation.

So there you go I'm back!

Anyways thanks for reading