GBP looking to expand

Hi all,

Here in the UK, I have been living an average life for 9 months my number is about average too 4, abit lame to normal standards.

What to look forward to - Heading out to Greece to work as an Instructor in a sailing resort, Sarging possibilities will be endless with new staff/ risky guests coming and going all summer long - 18 to 21 (guests upto 40yrs old)

My past is full of experience of meeting with girls and taking them back to continue the party.

Meeting and then dating a 10 at age 19 (she age 17 Dutch in Amsterdam) lots of trips there everything I ever wanted for 9 glorious months - all that porn and she thought I had good game in the bedroom.

Seven years on and my number has gone up by XX I produced a list a little while ago and was gobsmacked by my debauchery behaviour that gave me the total shag list.

this Summer I am expecting great things, for me it is not so much about the girl anymore it is about the shag excitement - I saw friends of mine and older friends so saddened by there current "wife" that I thought I must crack on.

Am I looking to meet a girl, ultimately "undecided", will ride that wave out when it comes.

As for my current thoughts, I encourage my friends to be good wingmen and my brother newly single is my latest "sarging" buddy at 30 years old he missed his entire 20's - He has an awesome 6 year old so "rough witht he smooth" - I am trying to educate him to drink less and sarge more. I am also trying to get his mates involved to UP there standards from single mothers to hotties!!

Summer is coming here in the Northern Hemisphere and for me this is going to be the ultimate Summer party. From experience of skippering a 60ft sail yacht on my own I have developed good skills to meet and greet people, They loved the English (posh) accent I had in the USA and this time round I have some new languages to learn and some visualisation exercises to master.

I look forward to commenting and getting some sound advice over the next 3 years to enjoy the higher life.

Great times ahead!