Keeping on learning...

Hey, signed up here because it seems like a legit forum, and I am always looking for advice and how to improve myself. I started doing PU as a way to improve the quality of women in my life and I am till progressing greatly... these first few months have been awesome in regard to progress and successes but I still fuck up all the time.

I am operating out of State College right now and let me tell you... 40,000 students, >50% female. Guys have the advantage by being underrepresented and it is a hell of a training ground. Hopefully I can get some better information here and integrate and improve everything.

If there are people in state college hit me up - I am looking to start something up and get a group of guys who know what they are doing to go out and run together. I know how frustrating it can be to not have people with the right mindset and I am looking to help out and be helped in any way I can.