I am ODM

As you can very well tell by now my name is ODM. I was introduced to this site by my friend Basket. I first learned about all this game stuff about a year ago. This chick I would hook up with on a reg told me about it (and then "some") and said that I might want to try some of it out if im looking to improve my own game. She said a friend of hers got into after reading Style's book The Game. Well i've read that plus a few other books and have gone out and done some of the stuff. I'm already a cocky person but the C&F skills I have applied to my game have helped it DRASTICALLY!

Now I have had my fair share of women but not to the caliber I want (come on we've all had one of those "It was the beer that made you look hot" situations). I'm on here to get some tips from time to time and maybe give my input on some topics. Other then ramble on for hours you all will learn more about me as time goes on. I have to go now but until my return stay classy people