Out of the frying pan...


I'm Nightrider and I've been a aPUA/PUA for three years. A PUA calling himself "Saint" at the coffee shop where I used to work got me into the game and it has really changed my life. My confidence has grown in so many areas, leading to a fulfilled personal and professional life. My number is about 25 and I consider myself well versed in the art of seduction, but there are certain challenges that I think I may need the help of the community to overcome.

I've resisted using the community as a crutch for my whole PUA career, even going to so far as to isolate myself from the mPUA that had trained me. I wanted to do it on my own and form my own ideas about what it really means to be a modern day Casanova. I wanted to have something to contribute before I siphoned any more off the experiences of others. I wanted to be an equal sharing with equals rather than some fresh faced AFC bothering people with better things to worry about - and I think I'm there.

I'm here to get better and I want to make everyone else better. Hopefully my solo sarging experience will be something you guys can learn from. See you on the boards!