Dont know why im writing this

I really dont know why im writing this but i just want to help all the guys that are ahead of me. Im not here to give advice because I cant but I will tell you all my story. I am a very good looking guy almost all girls I ever talked to say this and I have a good body. The funny thing is I havent been laid in 4 month and when i do it is usually the girl picking me up and advancing on me. I have a friend that is honestly ugly bald fat and bad english...he picks up like crazy and not because of wat he says he will just go out and not even care what the girl thinks when he wants to dance with her he will just grab her arm and pulls her. his reality is non I tell myself fuck the norm and just do it and I am about to...i'm writing this just so anyone who thinks they wanna read and get good at the game before going out and just fucking up is a total miserably and then read and fix up your stuff..i am getting older by the day and I hate thinking back about my life dont let this happen to you man just live your life before its too late