Still AFC after all this time...

Well- it's been a while since I registered and introduced myself.

But I've been away from this forum and really thinking about 'game' for some time. For various reasons.

I guess I've still got a few hangups to deal with after various other priorities over the last year.

But I'm going to be checking out the forum and learning again (and hopefully will be putting myself out there in future).

I think I've got a few hurdles to get myself through though- mainly the way I've programmed myself.

Basically, I've been single now for around 6 years. Starting to feel the crunch at 37. Not a bad looking bloke- no stunner but OK. But basically I seem to be emotionally crippled when it comes towards hooking up again- I tend to feel more hostile than anything else. I'm starting to realise this about myself though and will be looking at ways I can chill out- I know it's just a defensive thing. And knowing something is a good start to changing it.

I'm not planning on becoming some god of the game or owt- as like most, would just like to find someone decent to hook up with and enjoy life and if it works out better, then great. But I guess it would be good to get the hang of things, rather than just resort to dating websites as so many people seem to suggest to me these days...

I've got loads going for me, except the way I think and hopefully will be able to get away from feeling like hooking up with a girl is like opening hostilities.

It's funny- someone recently said to me that you have to let yourself be vulnerable when it comes to starting off with someone- but I don't believe it should be like that. But still my defences go right up!

It's kind of good to get this off my chest. No doubt I'll be asking questions soon!