Bipolar Plaaaaaya in da house :eek:

What up dudes, I'm here to storm the land of pick up artists by storm, women ain't got shit on me, I am the SHIT!

A little bit about my lovely self: I was blessed with the evolutionary advantage of being bipolar. Ya thats right, I'm fuckin insane, in a good way tho so don't give me those dirty looks. Why is being bipolar an advantage... because hypomania fuckin rocks, girls are mesmerized by a man who thinks he can conquer the world. Unfortunately it doesn't do much good for relationships, so I am cursed with being a polygamist. I will have to live out the rest of my with the trouble of having sex with multiple women, no need to shed a tear, I'll be fine .

My stats:
Multiple kiss closes, too many to count.
1 horrible relationship with a stripper who was 10 years older then me.
laid 3 times (including my ex)... I plan on increasing this number 10 fold this year

ps. don`t hate on my bipolarness