Introducing Thoth to the Game

so, I think this is the first game forum I introduce myself to.
I'll try to keep it brief while revealing some information about who I am, what I do and mostly: Why I got into the game

Who I am

I'm a 22 year old dude from Belgium, living in brussels, studying in Gent (renting a dorm). I used to consider myself pretty decent with women, I also used to think that "being absolutely good with women" equaled "being hot". Its like hot people never did anything wrong with women, like they instantely got the girl by just standing there. Things kinda shifted in my perspective when I started looking around and noticing this really wasnt the case. This happened about 2 years ago I somehow encountered david deangelo's book "Double your dating".
I read it, thought about it and realized this "shit really makes sense".
After that, I got a girl friend, ended up dating her for 2 yrs, recently broke up with her (tho I have a sex relationship with her atm ^^) and kinda decided its time to up my game now.

my peak experience was probably while I was still dating my ex, I actualy had a threesome (2 guys 1 girl :/, but still a pretty interesting experience) and messed with a bunchload of other chicks meanwhile.

I guess that's pretty "decent" for a dude who really didnt get into the "game" till about a month ago (as in actualy reading the book and getting my hands on every resource I manage to get my hands on). However, I realize that I'm actualy at a very low point eventho I consider myself 'quite good' with women, I'm not having all the success and experiences I want to have. This is what got me into this. I want total freedom with women, I want the ability to approach every girl that manages to draw my attention AND be able to walk away with her. Right now, I dont feel like I am capable of this.
Sure, I get some women interested in me, but its TOO limited for my liking. Especialy the subject of approaching and getting into a meanful goal-oriented conversation with em is what I am looking forward to develop.

When I look at some people in my social circle, I've got really natural friends, who basicaly draw girls easely AND are able to approach any girl and get good result. Some are, apparantely, incredibly goodlooking, others just have the needed mindset. It is my goal to expand my inner & outer game and get myself into that "abundance mindset".

so, this was may have been an abundant introduction, but I felt like sharing it anyway. I look forward to getting involved in the game, and hope to be able to provide you guys with field reports soon.

One question I'd like to ask tho: Any belgians on here?
feel free to PM, I'm looking for PUA partners around here since, eventho I go out twice a week and have a pretty decent social group, none of them has the desire and will to reach a higher level of abundance when it comes to women. Most are either too infatuated with their ego ("I dont need that stuff") or dont have that same desire to do what it takes.
so any belgians here, feel free to Pm or w/e. as I said, I live in brussels and study at my dorm in Gent.

P.S: I forgot to mention, besides PUA my other main interests are the occult (or anything that has to do with mental transmutation), football and ofcourse party hardy/social life in general ^^