Salsa King

Have some friends who PUA. Somewhat Natural and loving the game. Old girlfriend used to pivot and I enjoy group theory and Practice. Very protective of my friends, family and opionins. If you don't like me or any of them... lol.... anywayz, I am passionate about my growth and my career. So I discuss those with those whom can really contribute to that.

Hobbies include: snowboarding, horsebackriding, martial arts, dance, music, technology.. and I plan to do some traveling this summer.

Occupation wise... I'm a computer guy.. that should do.

So I want to join the forum to get some feedback on my development. Learn to improve my skill and master this ability of PU.

I know like all of you I love this game and I'll be around for a while here and there fielding and loving it. We are a unique bunch of people who want to improve our lives... that within itself should be the confidence many people lack.