New here!

Hi all!I am Michael,19 years old from Greece.I learnt this stuff before 1,5 year.I have read the Game , Mystery Method and some Body language/NLP books.So far some other forums for PUA i have found weren't anything special,but here i have already found some interesting stuff and there a lot of top PUA's too ,and they are two of the main reasons i joined here.

First eight months i learnt about PUA stuff,was hard for me to sarge because i was in last grade of high school,and i needed to study a lot of hours. I sarge almost a year now but i do mostly phone closes and i don't even use them most of the times.I have done very few kiss closes,so i want to concentrate to some more kiss closes and improve my skills and probably learn some new things!

I am looking forward to talking with other PUA's so i can find out how other people in other countries think about all these stuff !