Greetings from the epitome of a Newbie...

Hey everyone --

This is a note to say hi and mention that it's been a treat to browse through the forums and get a feel for the board this past week or so. I just finished the old Mystery book and in the process stumbled onto The Attraction Forums.

I've been reading up, but am trying not to read TOO much, since I know from music that theory without art means nothing. So I figure it's time to jump into the pool and cut my teeth.

The short story: I'm a full time musician who somehow wound up turning 27 without any real experience in the ways of women, let alone the Venusian Arts. Bruce Springsteen once said that the reason he never wrote any real (emphasis in the word "real") love songs in the first wave of his brilliance (circa '72-'84 for the other fans around here, IMHO) was that he was the kid with a guitar -- being a musician is something that like-minded creative people know is not a romantic venture; insofar as you spend a lot of time going inward, which doesn't particularly foster growing outward in the process. But that's what it takes, and if you're lucky, you get the other crap together in time to live a balanced and healthy life...

At any rate, in my readings here I did come across an exceptionally helpful post by Braddock on AA, and it made me realize that step one is to literally go out with the single-minded focus of growing outward and becoming more socially comfortable.

Jimi was quite shy himself (I'm a bit of a Hendrix historian and was fortunate enough to have briefly known some of his family, growing up around Seattle), but then again...the guitar isn't enough to get chicks anymore in this day and age. 'Tis sad but true, and on my last unrelated side-note, I'll back that statement up with the obvious observation that Jimi's real tragic personal issues came from being a kid who just wanted to play the blues and wasn't ready for the fame or attention. In the process, he got lost and the rest is rock and roll history. In other words, he had some major Inner Game issues :-), and those reaped quite a toll on his relations with managers, agents, etc. etc. etc. That's what happens when musicians lose touch with reality, unfortunately. But I digress (as I do so well)...

The point is that I have historically not approached ANYONE -- not men, old ladies, store clerks, nada -- and then, of course, there are the real hot chicks. The 8s, 9s, and 10s.

So I've begun by making time the past three days to approach strangers with an information gathering question. Each day I give myself an assignment with a minimum number of people to approach. Today, I decided (and followed-through with it) to approach a minimum of ten women ("what time is it," "do you know which way West End is from here?" etc.). I actually made it to thirteen and am intending on practicing even more before this evening gets too late.

This is the place from which I am beginning. As the title of this post reads, I really am the epitome of a newbie, but happy to be going for it and working towards the end goal (which oddly enough, is more about social calibration for me; I want hot chicks and know that this is a doorway to success with women as well, get the picture).

Funnily enough, I have no major hindrances; fine looking, dress well, work out regularly, and have a tremendous amount of confidence and focus in my artistic role as a musician and communicator to others through the musical realm.

And the time has come to channel that into my personal life as well and in the process, take control of what it is I am looking for in new experiences and success with women. Not just any women, but the women who are most worthy of my time and energy, because otherwise, what's the point? I'd rather read Hemingway, learn more about old blues and folk music, or write more songs. But the really, really hot, interesting, and challenging ones :-) The ones worthy of songs, books, records, poems, and films (lol)

I've read the DeAngelo DYD stuff, just finished the old MM book, and heavily perused these forums, but am ready to quit reading (attraction books, at least -- as my reading list is always growing longer and longer and I'm a sucker for reading in general) and start gaining experience.

However negligible it may seem to others on the outside, even the past three days (which have been nearly nothing, relatively speaking, but very uncomfortable for yours truly) have been a major motivator for yours truly and I look forward to learning much more here...

I may not be bringing much to the table at first. One of my pet peeves is people who whine, complain, and say "I don't get it" without putting themselves out on the line and doing the work.

It's clear that I have a good dose of work cut out for me in the coming weeks, but am happy to know that this forum is here. I look forward to checking in for reading material as need be and hope to have something valuable to post in the near future.