AFC 30 based in Glasgow looking for fellow AFC/PUAs

Hey, I'm another AFC who got into all this through reading The Game.

I'm almost 30 now and probably should have really got cracking on this stuff a lot earlier. Oh well better late than never. Anyway, I'm originally from Northern Ireland but live in Glasgow,Scotland. I'm fairly good looking and have been fairly successful with women by my peers standards. I have always tended to get looks/opened by 5s/6s and fairly regularly have dated 7s/8s. However I have never really felt I have had the chat and confidence to really go after those 9s and 10s. I read the game 3 years ago and was fascinated, I met my girlfriend soon after as a result of a few pointers I had picked up from it. However after effectively dating 3 girls at once at the time I got a bit of a scare when I was nearly caught a couple of times and decided to chuck two of the girls and concentrate on this one (i hear you all scream 'one-itis'). But i promised myself if anything happened and we split up then I would pick up the game and really see how far I could take it.

Well, that day came a couple of months ago so I have now started to try and put a lot of what I have learnt from the rules of the game and other books into practice. I have spent a lot of time reading about this stuff but not practising (as I should have done) out in the field until recently. So I feel I have a lot of the theory but still a bit of a noob trying to put it into action, although i am still having noticeably more success and getting over previously major approach anxiety, TBH I feel Im at the start of a long interesting journey...

Anyway, much as I try to tell my mates how good this stuff is they dismiss it for various reasons, but ultimately they just don't understand or want to believe it (I'm sure you guys are used to that too - I guess thats a good thing as everyone would be doing it otherwise). So I'm hoping there are other guys out there on the forum from Glasgow who can share stories & ideas with and maybe even want to meet up for some sarging. (I am originally from Belfast and fly back there quite often so any sargers there give me a shout as well). Unfortunately fun as it is with all my other mates I really want to push myself and improve my game with other PUA students by helping eachother push ourselves, give eachother feedback on how our sets went and have great craic while doing it.

If your up for it give me a shout