Thought I'd say Hi

Hey everyone,

I'm LtAloneri, I'm from the netherlands and just rolled into the game. Took me till I was 19 to get my first girlfriend and had a 2 year relationship with her which was the best time of my life. About 3 months ago she broke up with me without any reason and totally unexpected. Instead of staying in the depressive state she put me in first I decided it was time for a major change in my life.

I've been reading about the game for about 2 months now, love the material from Neil Strauss, Mystery, David DeAngelo and some other stuff aswell. Up till now I've been focussing on the theorie, I know it has to be practised otherwise it won't help at all so I'm dedicated to go out into the field and use it properly!

That's basically my story how I got here, so something about myself:

21 years old, metalhead/rocker, into rockgirls and girly girls (I know, it's weird.. therefore I'm focussing on rockgirls now since my ex was a girly girl and eventually she wanted something different apperently.. but I'm still completely open for girly girls, I have a weak spot for'm somehow). Dutch, speak english and a bit of german. Still studying at the university, doing technical study.

Well I have no idea what else to put here so I'll start browsing and you'll see me around here I guess .

LtAloneri (aka Snikch)