New Kid on the block

Hey guys, I'm new to the Love Systems forums, but have been around for a while in other places.

I'm a bit of a natural, who has also done a whole lot of reading, and is starting to piece together a good overall skill base.

I live in Sydney Australia, and I'm actually new in town here. To be honest the majority of my game is played online, quite successfully so far though.

I've got a great career, and it comes from my confidence, which is quite huge, however I have one major problem with my game and that's openers.

I've had success over the years in clubs and so forth by taking opportunities when they present themselves, talking to a girl who my eyes meet with, even waving her over to me, the problem however is that unless I'm quite pissed I'm not willing to go up and open on a random group, and when i'm quite pissed, my game is of course not at its best.

How do you guys overcome this? Do you's just get out there and go for it? I have no suitable wingmen due to being in a new city, might have to find one on the forum :P

I look forward to contributing and learning alot from this forum,