hi, i'm a dutch guy using the namen change. I chose change because it reflects my goal at the moment. Change in to a better person, with woman, but als in life as a whole.

I've been reading about the pickup community for about a year now, but never really got it in practice because I had a girlfiend. But you know how things go, the relationship ended. I had serious one-itis problems for about half a year, but last week i said goodbye to the girl, erased her phone number, etc, etc.

I will now focus on getting used to the whole experience of gaming and to get over my AA. I do have a bit of an advantage here, because i always have been an outgoing and assertive guy.

The next week i have set the goal of approaching 4 sets every day. It is however going to be day game. I think the city of amsterdam is perfect for this(I go to university there). The other reason i want to do day game is that i don't feel comfortable enough to go out alone. Going out alone to game chicks is something to do in the future, when i do feel comfortable.

I will post a little tidbit of info everyday of the week, just to keep me motivated and to help me get over AA.