Hi guys, I'm George aka Chalkos (in forums only) I'm 19 and I've just joined the community looking for help to get a girl... hahahaha no no no no, that's not me not any more (oh dear I just had a flashback how AFC I used to be), like I said, I joined this forum looking for people who can help me to improve my Inner Game and therefore my PUA skills, specially now that I'm moving to SF. I'm from Panama and (I don't want you to take this as an excuse but) I really cannot go out and run my game. I cannot be playing cocky and funny everywhere because I can get killed. So I'm taking advantage I'm making a move to SF (family reasons) where I think people is more open-minded (I hope not to be mistaken) and I can run my game easily with a couple of wingmen. These five month I've been studying and trying to put in practice the Venusian Arts, I haven't been able to find one. Unfortunately most of the people in Panama don't give a damn about anything and it seems there will be only Naturals and AFCs -but not PUAs- for another decade. So, as I told you, I'm looking to improve my skills. Meeting the Venusians Arts has been one of the most incredible things for me. My life did just a turnaround. I went from being one of the worst AFC in human history (no exaggeration) to a real happy man, without having to look for approval or being needy and desperate. Success? Not yet. Success will come when it has to come. I just remind you one of the lines used by Mystery in the VAH: "And remember, if you don't make it happen, Nature will unapologetically weed your genes out of existence."

Goodbye for now, take care lads.