Back From the Dead

It's been a while since I've posted, but I hope to start posting regularly now since I've started going out more and more.

I used to go out with my wing The Machine aka Sex Machine aka Foreplay aka... well, I'm sure there are a few more aliases I'm leaving out. But... lately I've been going out by myself doing almost exclusively Day Game... I ordered Sinn's Day Game product and watched it way too many times before I actually got up the balls to start going out again.

Let me recount my experiences to date...


The Game - It will come as no surprise that I found out about this community by reading "The Game." I actually auditioned for the VH1 series "The Pick Up Artist," before its first season ever premiered... I did not make it, but when it came out, I watched it and they promoted the book so much that modern advertising got the better of me and before you know it I was poking around on the internet, and spending my hard-earned money on an MM Boot Camp.

My Boot Camp - Savoy taught my boot camp. I would later be told by an unnamed ex-MM instructor (I protect my sources, but take it with a grain of salt) that there were more requests for refunds from that boot camp than any boot camp previous. That was actually the first bootcamp that Braddock had been invited to assist with -- I thought he was great at the time, and I'm he's made a name for himself now.

In the trenches - I went out a lot with The Machine when I first came off bootcamp, and I did okay, but just okay... mostly bars and clubs around Santa Monica, CA and Hollywood, CA. I read mostly El Topo writings, but mixed in more and more of Captain Jacks stuff and some of Sinn's stuff. Things stagnated for quite a while. I saw no improvement and had random success. I was unable to find a system in my success or failures.

Dante Valentine - I lost touch with The Machine for a while and one day he called me out of the blue and told me he had been in the thick of it lately, and was now following a guy name Dante, and told me I should take a boot camp with him. So, once again... my hard earned money went to a so called Pick Up Artist. I'm sure many of you have heard of Dante, and I'm sure most of it has not been good. I'm not going to spend my time here trashing him, although it should be said... he has no skills that I saw or that he can pass on. He's a nice guy, so please don't leave any comments trashing him, if you want to defend him feel free. What I took from my time with him was approach approach approach! He would never let me sit still or people watch... he would consistently push me into sets, and more often then not he would blow those sets for me when he dropped in.

AAA -- Approach, Approach, Approach is really the only good advice I've gotten from anyone in the community. And its not really advice... its common sense. If you want to meet women, you have to approach them. Moreover, I don't think you have any ability to actually use the advice anyone gives you when you begin this journey. You really have to just get over the nervousness of talking to someone in an environment and with intentions that you're not comfortable with before you can ever employ ideas like, the Attract, Comfort, Seduce Model or employ frames or Qualify her without Over Qualifying yourself. etc.

After Dante - Rejoined the Irony + The Machine team for a bit and went out sporadically. I did better than before, but still not great. Still, I could not find a system that was consistent as to when I was doing well or when I was doing poorly. Soon we started going out less and less till no more. I got back together with my ex-girlfriend and thank God I didn't marry her. Soon we broke up, and it felt like I was back to square 1... just version 2.1 of square 1.

Present day - I called The Machine and we went out a couple of times... Went back to Online dating for a bit (and thank goodness for online dating sometimes... I'm sure it's not a respectable way to meet women, but if it weren't for that, I would have had years go by without getting laid). Then I started getting the itch again, so I started reading a lot of Sinn's stuff, and it really resonated with me. So, I shelled out cash again, and bought his daygame product and went out to the local college campuses around me.

Day Game - At first, and what seemed like forever, I just people watched. Eventually, I approached a girl and choded out by asking for the time and walking away. Then I approached another and another. I had all this knowledge bumping around in my head, but it absolutely would not come out of my mouth, so I had to result to just talking about whatever I could and nervously fumbling through conversations. I didn't ask for a phone number for at least a dozen girls, I didn't suggest an instant date for at least a dozen more. Now... finally... after probably 2 1/2 years of this stuff, I can (not quite) confidently go up to a girl on a college campus, stop her, and talk with her. And, I'd say its a 50/50 shot on whether I get an instant date or a solid phone number (meaning she actually picks up the phone and remembers me).

Damn this is a long post.

I will definitely write Field Reports, but I'm not in the business of writing Lay Reports for conscience reasons and practical ones. #1. I'm still so happy about getting laid that pretty much the evening and especially the hours before it happens are a mish-mash of who knows what, so I end up trying to connect the dots of what I did to make it happen when what probably happened was: we were both feeling it, and we boned. #2. I rarely have sex on the first date (not necessarily by my choice)... it usually happens on the 3rd date... probably because this is when I'm most comfortable with it happening... regardless, I don't consider sex on the 3rd date an accomplishment, so no need to brag about it in an LR. #3. I feel manipulative enough about learning how to sleep with girls from the internet, so I will not make myself feel any worse about it by posting the details of the sexin'. I will definitely include in the FR whether or not interaction ultimately led to sex or not. And, if I did anything cool that stands out in memory, I'm sure my arrogance will get the better of me, and y'all will hear about it.


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