A Belated Introduction

Sorry i made my first few posts in the newbie threads but Finally got around to here.

Im 36 and a recently divorced single father. Kind of took a step back in my marriage. I assume I made the same mistake as many men and just got comfortable. I never really considered myself a player or a PUA but Ive never really had a hard time with women either.

After my divorce a buddy of mine dropped "The Mystery Method", The "MM Video Archive" and the first 36 CDs of Love Systems on me. Hes pretty good with opening cold sets so i figured Id give it a go. After reading, watching, and listening to most of the material I noticed obvious holes in my game but I also noticed that I have been on the right track for the most part.

My week spots are definately in cold openings. SO currently all my work is in approach, and attraction. But for some reasons the older terms of A1 and A2 stick on my head. I had it easy for a long time being a touring musician and a photographer. I never really had to open sets I was just being me and they would open me, from there I just got to start from building comfort.

My inner game grows stronger every day further I get from this Divorce and the stronger it grows the more i notice how much of myself I changed for the sake of my marriage.

Marriage: Check
Child: Check

2 things off the bucket list no need to go back and do that again. For all you guys looking to get married, unless you live outside the US I suggest you wait till your 50's. Its basicly just a contract that can be broken at anytime by either side and unless you marry money in the end youll loose.

Now away from teh bitter part, definately looking to improve my game.

Im a Metal head but Ive learned over the years that unless your at a metal show, the women your talking to probably dont like metal (I miss Metal Sluts they need a major comeback). Im also a Photographer, Former US Army Airbourne Ranger of the SETAF (Southern Europian Task Force) and served in both the Balkans campaign and the Central African Campaign of the mid to late 90's. I am an avid MMA fan and a devout Taoist.

My passion is Art (all mediums)and it tends to work against me in some conversations because I often have to hold back that I think their tastes are garbage (well more like their tastes are akin to calling McDonalds Gourmet).

Well maybe a little too much info but i figure that if anyone here ever needs any info from me to give advice I could always link them this instead of typing the whole thing out every time.