You would love me

Hey guys,

It's good to be here. Here's my story.

Iíve always been a nice guy and like to open up to people. I came across The Game about four years ago. Iíd had a few girlfriends and didnít have a problem talking to girls in my social circle. The reason I started studying Game and thinking about these things was that I wanted to know what to do when I met the perfect girl. I donít believe that there is just one right person for everybody. But you can meet someone who is just perfect for you. Styleís right, beauty is common. But I when I meet someone I connect with on a new level, I donít wanna screw it up by being an AFC.

So three years of college, some good experiences with some very nice girls. Gained self-esteem, confidence and inner game. Never really got into using lines and routines too much. Never really had to. Iím a tall and pretty good-looking guy so when Iím having a good time, I can often get pretty far by just being cute.

I do realize leaving college will dramatically change my social life. I will have to make much more of an effort in the future. I seem to remember Braddock mentioning a similar experience.

Anyways, good to be here.

Love, Brighteyes