hey from sydney!..

heys wadup blinkk here, from sydney.

After great interest and studying of the PUA materials it has led me to joining forums and i am very interested in sarging with some dudes in sydney that obviously have the same interest in bettering thier skills of picking up girls.

I suppose what sparked off my journey on learning this was david deangelo and after studying his materials of C/F i quickly learned the whole baiss of attraction and whats going on there. It was after reading many books i, realised there was a lot to learn and i've only just begun this.

The past year me and my friend have been going out on a regular basis and approaching, getting numbers , getting dates with girls and furthering our success of what did we do right? and what will we do differnetly next time. So it's always a learning process.

Very keen to meet similar dudes who are just starting out or are quite experienced in the PUA community.

Sydney Aus