To be

Hi and hello I'm Dappah or dap just a name I would like to go by when I talk online.

I'm very much interested in day game at this current time in my life, When I go out I go out alone I have no wing(do I need a wing for day game?), I can open a single 1-set (on the street) and start a conversation with her, then I eject or go for a quick number close, I'm working on it, I've made a deal with myself to go out everyday no matter my condition, even if I just approach 1 girl there's always tomorrow I'm trying to implement the habit of going out and practising everyday my aim is 5 women a day until I get a girlfriend , I haven't approached 5 women a day since the first day when I made this deal with my self 4 days ago, current approaches since then 11.Time to get serious.

I would like to add there's great advice in the forum about day game Thank You soul, I also like how some of the guys are writing up there day game extravaganzas, I might do one but that means more time to write the reports at the end of the day.

Current girls in my life 0